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What’s SERO ?

SERO Super-ZK Protocol confidential transactions zero-learning proofs NIZK blockchain security smart contract. The SERO framework is the world’s first blockchain stage to help confidential trades dependent on Zero-knowlegde verification and supports Turing complete smart contracts.

About Super Zero (SERO) Protocol

SERO (Super Zero) is the world-leading blockchain technology based on Zero Knowledge Proof that truly implements blockchain privacy protection and a public chain platform that supports Turing Complete smart contract operations.

DApp Developers can issue their own anonymous tokens, smart contracts, assets based on SERO and they can also build their own DApps on SERO. SERO supports both UTXO+ACCOUNT transactions, using UTXO model where CT(Confidential Transactions) are required and using ACCOUNT model where smart contracts need to be run.

Super-ZK — Zero-knowledge Proof encryption library, independently developed by SERO is currently the fastest in encryption performance. In the same application scenario, Super-ZK encryption speed is 20 times faster than Zcash (the mainstream privacy protection cryptocurrency that at present, uses zk-SNARKs). Compare with Bulletproofs (the latest bulletproof protocol) Super-ZK is more than four times faster. SERO solved the Zero-knowledge Proof performance issues. SERO will lead the privacy protection space and aims to pave a path for the broader commercialization of blockchain.

Testnet was done back in September 2018 and achieved approximately twenty times faster encryption speed against Zcash(Sapling Upgrade). Betanet is currently running and Mainnet will be launched by end of June 2019. SERO is backed by leading blockchain investors like LD Capital and signed a strategic business partnership deal with QTUM very recently.


SERO is stand-out with the goal that it considers the privacy confirmation assessments required by the decentralized applications.
  • Outsider Protocol: A spread DNS structure that can utilize existing P2P arrange information data, has the parts of IP customized trading and dynamic tendency to, negates aggressor blocking, and connects with the whole information transmission system to accomplish the perfect stable security.
  • CASTROL Protocol: The odd assurance of IP territories can be perceived through decentralized system, which can be utilized to ensure the security of physical hubs in both unified and decentralized structures.
  • Among the structure guidelines of Sero is the Un-obviousness/Un-detectability features. Each trade in the blockchain system has an information and yield along these lines SERO is made to break the relationship between two exchanges and making it hard to strike.
  • SERO utilizes encryption headway to make the payment address unimportant. SERO furthermore ought to altogether cover the territory and the relationship between addresses by innovative strategies.
  • Practicality standards: SERO, while camouflaging the trade information, won’t bring all of the data into its ecosystem, which can be uneconomical and wasteful. SERO will consider the client’s present use affinities and worries to complete work adequately.
  • SERO system data exchanges are encoded; non-exchanging get-togethers won’t know the nuances of source, objective, resource type, sum, etc. The system does not separate between assets delivered by smart contracts and SERO’s own advantages in exchange handling.
  • SERO online smart contract can moreover be utilized for open calculations, to make accurate arrangements, rules for different region. SERO smart contracts are great with Ethereum smart contract headings.
  • SERO’s offline smart contracts must be continued running on the customer’s machine. The estimation standards are simply showed up a couple of customers, and the accord affirms the rightness of the results.
  • SERO also plans to create and present secure Multi-party Computing (SMC) later on, in order to make and give expansive assistance of off-chain data under the reason of privacy insurance. Another uniqueness and solution is the Multi-chain system which will allow SERO to approach and capacity to replace supplant unified issues with better execution.
[Image: 1*Zaq-r7k7GhEyMW2AJGurog.png]
SERO Wallet

[Image: 1*1EudoDMkgCmUfl-Z0Mkc8w.png]

[Image: 1*zDsNIcZyRDewm5-L6mkSfg.png]

Computational duty rewards ( all the all the more figuring power usage will be required for applications which use privacy parts ). The SERO Token is the main token to be utilized in the SERO sphere and can be used to empower exchanges. The token can be used by customers for different purposes in their DApp or SERO related ecosystem.
  • The token can in like manner be used as a book keeping reward.
  • The token can in like manner be used to compensate algorithm suppliers.
  • The token can in like manner be given as a reward to developers of SERO environment.
Conclusion :

SERO is is a privacy blockchain ecosystem powered by its own privacy coin the SERO Cash. Sero comes with a lot of solution to the problems of privacy and insecurity disrupting the global blockchain community. The introduction of Sero puts an end to this problem by offering a lasting solution to its problems. Sero also serves as an improvement to the current available private chain coins like Monero, Zcash, and veil. This review is an introduction stay tuned for more update on Sero

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