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Stakecube - automated stake pool

[Image: 5.png]

Come and try our automated staking pool: designed for a simple use, it allows the best staking performances as well as a full and easy control of your investments !

Deposit any amount, they will automatically start staking, and stakes will get credited on your account instantly.

On Stakecube, your coins will work 24/7 for you !

What are you waiting for !

+Full transparency
+Only 2% fee for POS **and** MN
+Team always available on Discord
+Rapid and efficient support
+No minimum deposit
+No deposit fee 
+Instant withdrawals
+No withdrawal fee
+New coins added frequently
+Coin voting for new listing
+Daily Airdrops / Weekly Lottery
+Faucets (to claim everyday !)

Link  :   Stakecube

Stakecube now offers daily interest on BTC , LTC and DOGE just for holding a balance as well as staking many popular coins.

A great site for passive earning with your crypto.

парсер зачётный

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