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Website Transferred To New Company

Hello Everyone,

This is to inform everyone that Lets Earn is now acquired by Pasteme group recently. And we will be working on making this website better and we will be implementing new things such as rewards for the regular users and monthly giveaways for regular users of the website. We are also looking for users who can work in bringing more content to the website (paid service on monthly basis). 

There is already a feature where users get LE for registering, posting new threads, posting new comments, referring more users, and ratings. To check your current LE balance you can go to your profile and check LE balance. 1000 LE is equivalent to $1 worth of Crypto we will be launching a new section where you can exchange LE to crypto in our next update. Our primary currencies for exchange are Doge, Nano, Banano, Tron and Ripple so you will be able to convert LE into anyone of these coins. 

More New features will be announced time to time. Thank you for being part of Lets Earn community.

Best Regards

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