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Legit Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Doge Hunter is the new cloud mining website which i found just yesterday (15May19) and purchased a plan of 2500 doges where they claim they will be paying 125 Doge per day, and i already done one withdraw of 70 doge within 15 hours and withdrawal process is fast. 

[Image: TGBhgUW.jpg]

Doge Hunter have 9 different plans from these 9 plans 1 is free plan where users can get 0.1 Doge everyday without investing anything but i guess it will take 500 days before we could even withdraw so only paid plans are the way to get something from this website.

Plans start from 500 Doges to 500k doges where we can get 4% to 12% interest everyday But i will suggest to go with which you can afford as cloud mining websites/hyips we never know when they close down.

[Image: kfJj2Lx.jpg]
[Image: OE89uG2.jpg]

They even have a referral program where we can earn 5% of every purchase our referrals make so i think its pretty good if we can find more referrals. 

[Image: 728x90.gif]
Join Them And Start Earning Now ===>


Received my first payment after starting the silver booster 19 hours ago

Shy Shy Shy Shy Heart HELLOW EVRY BADY

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