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New Neobits.Net Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
#1 is a new faucet site. You can earn from 13 satoshi per hour to 13,000 satoshi, that's 10,000 bits. In short, 1 bits has the value of 1.3 satoshi.

Through this site you can to win Satoshi (bits) according to claim sites you have, but also by:

- clicks on sites type shortening links
- Completing offers type cpi, cpa and for sure are also free deals, not only with money
- PTC (there are not many sites, but they are enough to access them daily)
- tasks (post on a forum site, to make a youtube video, social networks, and reward sites for the activity)
- by refferals, and if you have many refferals, I assure a large amount of satoshi a day

Also, we have a lot of contests and a lot of giveaways such that you can win a lot of satoshi every day.
The payment is made INSTANT depending on the type of membership you have, but, by default your payment will be send during 1 or 2 days.
The Payment threshold is 7000 satoshi, that is 0.00007000 BTC . You can reach easily this amount, because our rates are very good and we have plenty offers to complete.


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