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ES Faucets Now Even Better - with TRON and SolveMedia

ES-Faucets are now even better. They have added TRON to their faucets, to go with XLM, DGB, ETC, BCH, BAT, 0X, XRP as well as BTC, LTC, DOGE, and ETH. There is now the option to use SolveMedia on the faucets. The faucets seem to increase their reward with time so your claim wait and claim a larger reward, or claim more frequently for a smaller reward. There is a loyalty bonus for claiming each day. You can use their internal coin, ES-Coin, to level up and increase your faucet claims and reduce your withdrawal fees. Withdraws to CoinBase as well as direct wallets are available.
Sign up now and start earning at ES-Faucets!

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