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FaucetCrypto is Back!

FaucetCrypto, one of the best crypto faucets of the past few years, is back after several months. Now, with an all new format, you can earn BTC and other cryptocurrencies by doing shortlinks and collecting from the hourly reward. In the past, FaucetCrypto was adding new features on a regular basis and will probably do so again. This is one of the most trusted faucets. They gave fair warning to withdraw before they went on hiatus several months ago. All of the FaucetHub coins are supported, including the newest: Tron and HORA. The internals coins earned from shortlinks and hourly rewards can be withdrawn in any of the FaucetHub coins. FaucetCrypto, on the withdraw page, lets you know which coins are available to withdraw, based on their FaucetHub balance.

The return of FaucetCrypto is great news for all fauceteers. Get over to FaucetCrypto  and sign up today!

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